Michael Wallner for Bozeman City Commission

Preserving Bozeman's High Quality of Life

Michael Wallner for Bozeman

Michael Wallner, Head Economic Researcher at TechLink & Erica Schnee, Principal at Bozeman Gallatin High School

  • Volunteer community development specialist for the MSU Local Government Center
  • Volunteer mentor for the Bozeman School District Gifted and Talented Program
  • Volunteer in microloans & international economic development-Africa

I have served in over a dozen community service positions, worked for government agencies at the local, state, and federal level, and completed education in the following areas:

  • Special advisor to Mayor Carson Taylor-City of Bozeman
  • Head economic researcher at TechLink-A U.S. Department of Defense Partnership Intermediary-Bozeman
  • President of the Harvest Creek Planning and HOA Board-Bozeman
  • Chair of the Historic Preservation BoardCity of Bozeman
  • Economic researcher & policy advisor-Boise State University & City of Boise
  • Master’s-Public policy & administration-Montana State University
  • PhD-Public policy & administration-Boise State University
  • Volunteer program analyst for Community Development-City of Bozeman
  • Volunteer leadership analyst-MSU
  • Volunteer for the Burton K. Wheeler Center for Public Policy-Bozeman


Four Priorities for Bozeman

#1: Affordable Housing

Ensure affordable housing for seniors, working families and students.

#2: Quality of Life

Preserve Bozeman's high quality of life, environment, neighborhoods, parks, trails and clean water.

#3: Tax Relief

Provide tax relief for Bozeman citizens and be certain tourists pay their fair share.

#4: Gender Equality

Advance the human rights of all women and girls to ensure gender equity, diversity, and inclusion.

How I've Made a Difference

As Special Advisor to Mayor Taylor

As Chair of the Bozeman Historic Preservation Board

"When I was Mayor, I worked with Michael on projects related to our City and I know his commitment, competence and hard work as a Commissioner will benefit all of us."
"Michael has shown, through his extensive volunteer work, public policy experience, and advanced education that he cares deeply about Bozeman's future and is a highly qualified candidate for Bozeman City Commission."

Campaigns Need Supporters

Successful campaigns rely on supporters! Here are some ways you can help: Put up a yard sign! Host an event where I meet your friends, family, and colleagues. Write a letter to the editor in support of my campaign. Help knock on doors, or most importantly, endorse my campaign.

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