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Wallner at the Pentagon for a meeting
Wallner at the Pentagon for a meeting
In my current career, I am the Head Economic Researcher at TechLink, a United States Department of Defense Partnership Intermediary based in Bozeman, MT and we are affiliated with Montana State University.  We work with small and large businesses, as well as Department of Defense agencies across the country.  Our team objective is to evaluate advanced research and development of DoD technology from an economic perspective and for use by our men and women in uniform.


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Michael Wallner

Erica Schnee & Michael Wallner

My significant other, Erica Schnee and I have been involved in the community for many years.  Erica volunteers much of her time to activities related to education programs, leadership, and policies as well as serving as the transition coordinator for the new Bozeman Gallatin High School.

We have traveled to over 35 countries to better understand other cultures, governments, education systems, and perspectives.  We analyze those comparative governmental and educational approaches for use in our local community.  We both volunteered in Africa, as Erica taught students, and I worked on economic development and business startups with local entrepreneurs in Uganda.

The Wallner Family

I grew up on a ranch where my parents raised five kids to be involved in their community, helpful to neighbors and open to different perspectives.  My father (Bob) was an attorney, and when my mother (Roxy) wasn’t raising us five kids, she was a flight attendant.  I have four older sisters: Amy is a teacher in Bozeman, Megan is a teacher in Missoula, Kami is a dentist in private practice, and Kristy works as a Range Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado.  

"I will strive to support our growing neighborhoods and infrastructure, as well as the vibrant and historic downtown."

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